If you’re a little skeptical of buying a mattress from some place other than those national name brand retailers, let me set your mind at ease.  At Mattress Mart, we sell only top-quality mattress brands hand crafted in the USA.  All mattresses are tested under the same rigorous standards as you may expect with products built in the USA.  This testing is supported by Intertek, a national recognized product testing compliance agency.  Our mattresses are sold in factory hermetically sealed bags with consumer tags and we offer mattresses that come with a 10-year non-prorated and prorated warranties.  


The mattresses we offer span all comforts levels, sizes and technology from open coil, wrapped pocketed coil, Hybrid and Gel Memory foam.  Construction ranges from basic foam to luxury-high end support systems.


We offer the following brands:

  • Mattress Maker of New England

  • Nightsbridge

  • Renue Performance

  • Renue

  • American Bedding

  • Early Bird BNB

Mattress Maker


RENUE Performance


American Bedding

Family owned with over 30 years of experience, Mattress Makers of New England mattresses are made to order locally. Each mattress is constructed from high quality materials at an exceptional price.

For those of you who expect more. You know who you are - you appreciate life’s luxuries. The only thing stopping you from ending your day in a cozy-chic bed is the premium price tag. These high-end mattresess that rivals any of the top-of-the-line options in every way except for the price. Finally, a luxury mattress that will satisfy your indulgent side but with a price that will appeal to your sensible side .

We know the benefits of exercising regularly. We’re committed to eating smarter, and we do our best to alleviate stress. Now science has proven that a commitment to quality sleep is also a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle. We can actually transform tomorrow by sleeping on the right mattress tonight. Renue’s innovative sleep system transforms a regular night’s sleep into an opportunity for relaxation and recovery. Fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and wake up feeling refreshed and renewed.  Quality sleep is a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle. Wake up feeling refreshed.  

Fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. Ideal for all sleep positions, Renue is a smart choice for unsurpassed sleep and is available in

All-Foam and Hybrid versions.

American Bedding was created based on the belief that everyone deserves access to quality sleep without the premium price tag. These mattresses are made in the USA and provide lasting durability and complete comfort. When you buy American Bedding, you’re not just getting a premium mattress - you’re continuing the tradition of American craftsmanship.

Laying on Mattress